Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I cry... a lot now. I don't know how this happened. Maybe its being pregnant, but the tears just pour out over simple things.

And its not like I'm crying over sad things, I cry when I'm happy?


I feel bad for Michael, he likes "natural" women... (which is bull cause he is with me). But I have a feeling that he will won't complain when he gets home from work today. hehe ;)


  1. Sometimes it's nice to cry, what would you do if you couldn't cry? Keeping all that inside would not be healthy.

    Or perhaps you have leaky eyes!

  2. It is bull. You're the only one whose makeup I really like. That's a huge compliment since I'm not really big on makeup. You do have a natural beauty w/o makeup and your makeup only enhances it further. I love the purple and yellow eyeshadow thing you did last week and the blue thing you did yesterday. Love the lip colors too. I'm so lucky to have such a gorgeous looking and artistic woman. Keep rocking it. haha