Tuesday, April 19, 2011


19 WEEKS.. tomorrow.

I feel GREAT today. Seriously. I feel awesome. I'm not overly tired (consuming more iron now?) and I actually feel pretty.

OOOO and I think I'm feeling Q more these days. I didn't know if that is what the feeling was, but now I'm pretty confident those little bubbles moving around is him. YAY!

TMI : My boobs are getting bigger

:( x 100


  1. You're already almost half-way finished cookin' that little one! Congrats.

  2. You look super cute in that dress!! my belly is so much smaller then yours! i want mine to get bigger already!ha you look great and keep posting cute pictures i love them!xo

  3. Bubbles!

    I ask what Sarah asks, why the sad face? Boobs are FUN!

  4. haha THANKS! Its not a sad face... chronic bitch face. And boobs are fun, but I had big knockers to begin with!

  5. That's a super cute dress! Enjoy this part of your pregnancy. You actually look pregnant (not like you had a huge lunch) but you're not huge so you can still do stuff. The morning sickness/yuckies are gone along with the tiredness...you generally feel like a normal person again...enjoy it. Because soon you will be huge and feel crappy again lol

  6. to the above; chronic bitch face hahaha

    but you seem to have popped! i loved being pregnant, i have never felt so beautiful in my entire life, constipation and all!

  7. I totally get the sad faces for bigger boobs.. when you already have Ds going up to F's is NOT fun

    And you look great!