Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yep. Its been a pretty boring but fast week. We get married this Thursday. I'm excited. Still have tons of stuff to do. Tomorrow Imma get da hair did. I'm stoked. Its gonna be AWESOME. So look for some pictures of that tomorrow. :)

On a side note. I joined a cell group at our church for Married/Couples. PRETTY GREAT. I met 2 other women who are pregnant! AND a chick who just had a baby last month. She totally answered a ton of questions I had. It was so nice so socialize with women, instead of a (cough grumpy cough) man.


  1. Your lips look really pretty in your last picture! i love red lips!! Yay for getting married Thursday!! I can't wait to see photos!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  2. hi! new follower:) congrats on getting married annnnd the baby!! boys are awesome I have 2 it's the best! Just had my sweet baby girl 4weeks ago it's amazing being a momma!!! Best of luck xoxo

  3. your new hair looks awesome!