Friday, April 15, 2011


So I took a walk around our apartment complex which is by a lake in the trees. Its not bad, I like it, but we are still looking for a house with more space.

I cracked up seeing the spray-painted penis graffiti . . . haha

And check out Mother Goose on the left. She was so cute, and a little vicious.


  1. haha i thought u lived on a river! great pictures. looks like a pretty place to live! :)

  2. I love apartments with ponds and lakes! I lived in one before by a pond, but you could see the snakes in the water ..and that was not so cool. Good Luck house hunting.

  3. Geese are so stinkin' mean! I think I scarred my sister for life when she was little. Anyway...that looks like a good complex to live in.

  4. The complex looks so cute! And I'm loving that there is cleaning service...score! xox