Monday, April 25, 2011

Love my dress

I tried on my wedding dress today, for the first time after we bought it.


I didn't want to take it off. Seriously. Love it. Its simple, and baby Q is growing into it perfectly. I don't even have to get a strapless bra now. My boobage is nice and snug. haha!

Lets hope these next two weeks will be nice to me in the belly/boob department.

Today's agenda is buying some waterproof makeup for my sensitive hormones. Don't want to look like Alice Cooper at the wedding.


  1. it looks gorgeous! cant wait to see you in it!!

  2. so excited so excited sooo excited!!! and wait... florida disney world? come over! haha

  3. Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see photos of you in it :) oh and MAC is amazing for not smudging and running (it is a bit pricier though, not sure what your budget is) but I would swim 2 hour workouts with it and come out looking like i was ready to go out- the stuff is a godsend!

  4. I'm excited for you! Baby Q is the perfect accessory for your wedding outfirt I'm sure!
    Is it odd to suddenly have massive boobs? I would think it is, but funny at the same time!