Friday, April 1, 2011


Someone is hopeful when he bought these. haha. We'll find out tonight.

If I won MULTI-MILLIONS, I would

Donate TONS of money to this family.

Buy a house, cause that seems like the proper thing to do.

Put money in a "College Fund" for my nephew Wyatt, and for Michael's little sisters.


BUT what I really want to do is buy/make a gypsy caravan and just travel around the country. Play music and sell homemade trinkets.

Just the three of us. Michael, the baby, and myself.



  1. I hope you win! I was thinking the same thing as Jess, what about your kids college fund? haha. That is so sad about that family! I can't even believe the things some people have to go through! Oh my god the things I would do with the money!!

  2. Well, of course I would put money aside for my kid's college, but I would also put aside money for the OTHER kids in my life.

  3. The first thing I'd do is quit my job. Cliche, but OMG that's what I really want to do. Then I'd pack up my family and go traveling indefinitely.

  4. Oh god, my husband has been talking about the lotto forever now! He tells me what he would buy, it's crazy.