Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our baby is...

I sat down on the table and within 5 seconds, our little guy opened up his legs and showed us what he has. ahaha. It was amazing to watch this guy move. He was a total wiggle worm, which would explain how he always seem to dart when we are trying to listen to his heartbeat. Most of the time he kept his legs stretch out straight! (CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT AT 9 MONTHS! .... sike) And what long legs he has! We were able to get his measurements and weight. 7 oz. Thats 2oz heavier than average. Jess assured me that it doesn't necessarily mean I'll have a monster-sized baby, that Wyatt was bigger at first. So I'm hoping not to have a BABYZILLA, sounds painful and uncomfortable.

We are having a boy! We are so excited. NOT what we were expecting. Everyone kept telling me I was having a girl (Especially Michael) and we just got used to thinking of our baby as a girl. We even picked out the name Luna-Josephine Spencer. haha Well, the world has different plans for us. So on to boy names, frogs, bugs and ninja robots!

We went to PF Chang's for lunch. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Can't you see our excitement! We couldn't stop smiling. I was smiling so big that my eyes got all squished. All I could think about is how much fun a boy will be. And Wyatt will have a boy cousin to wreck havoc with.

Below is one of the 4D images we had done. I can't stop staring at this little boy's face. I mean, he is REAL! I have analyzed every detail of this picture. His little hand by his face, his little lips, his button nose. I can't wait to meet him.


  1. yay! now wyatt and your boy will be total bestfriends!


    Congratulations! I have been wondering all day.

    :) You are having a turnip!

  3. omg im so excited for you!! boys are A TON of fun!! you are going to be the sweetest mom! you can tell you are both so in love with him already! i remember the ultrasound being so much more amazing then i could have ever imagined. like you can really SEE YOUR BABY!!

  4. boys are tons of fun, for sure! boy cousins are bomb! my son has two cousins a year younger than he is, and he adores them :) they conspire against us all the time haha.

    congrats <3

  5. oh, wow! congratulations! : )
    super excited for you.
    i think i'm having a boy, too.
    but, i guess we'll just have to wait and see! haha.

  6. This was such a cute post! So excited for you and Michael. Can't wait to see the progress of baby boy and I agree that boy cousins are so awesome! Yay for Wyatt! :D

  7. congratulations!!!
    Yesss! Boys are the best! I not so secretly don't want girls. My little dude is just so... easy going. girls are high maintenance. we have attitude and opinion. i've got enough of it, without having my spawn be the same way haha

    now, if only everyone around me wasn't having girls..


  8. congrats!!! Im about to have a nephew and Im pumped! I cant wait to hear what name you all choose

    Just so you know my not so little girl was 2 oz at her 20 wk ultra sound when we found out the sex. She was 9 lbs at birth so I think you will be ok!

  9. 12 oz not 2 haha that would be ridic

  10. I'm excited for you Sam. You look really happy. That ultrasound picture is so cool.

  11. Congrats! & like everybody else said boys are AWESOME! I don't think you'll have a babyzilla, they told me Lex was going to weigh 9-10lbs, I was freaked out my whole pregnancy(I'm 5'0)... he weighed 7lbs 11 oz at birth. I thinks dr's like freaking us out a little bit :)

  12. Congrats!! Now Wyatt will have a boy cousin to play with. Don't be scared of the weight estimate. The US tech warned me that I was going to have a near 9 pounder with my second and he was a perfect 7lbs, 9oz.

  13. Congrats on the baby boy!!! i am a new reader here and love reading your blog. You have such cute glasses! i am 17weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby i have not found out the sex yet but i know its one of the most exciting moements ever!! and the birth of your baby is even better:) congrats once again!xo