Friday, July 15, 2011


Okay. I wanna hurt someone I'm so pissed off.

I hate my obgyn/prenatal office.

They don't do anything right, and I've tried transferring, but the other clinics around here won't take me "this late in my pregnancy."

So, I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and they have yet to check my son's organs. I had an appointment today for an ultrasound, and apparently the appointment was yesterday... even though my office confirmed with me yesterday that it was for today. The next available time to get an ultrasound is August 15. I'll be almost 36 weeks then.

They lost the first ultrasound images, my doctor never reviewed them.

Hell, they haven't even told me the results of my gestational diabetes test. And calling this office is practically IMPOSSIBLE. It took me weeks of calling everyday to finally get a hold of them yesterday (not exaggerating, I missed my appointment on 06/30 and I've been calling to reschedule since).

They keep getting the wrong contact info. Even my name. Its just a mess.

AH. I'm just frustrated.

And now for your viewing pleasure.

The picture on the left is 10wks
The right is 31wks

I actually thought I was gaining weight and getting a belly at 10wks. hahahah I was clueless.


  1. Kitschy SuburbiaJuly 15, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    Holy crap!  I'd be pissed too!!  Man.  I don't even know what to say.  Working in the medical field and all, I can't even imagine running an office like that.  I'm sorry!

  2. Man that's stupid! What does it take for someone to take care of a pregnant lady?!!  Haha I look back at pictures from when I was first pregnant and I thought I was getting a belly then! Then you see pictures of yourself as you get bigger and realize how small you were haha

  3. Oh man, that blows.  What a stupid office.  I can't believe how lightly they're taking your and your baby's health!

  4. That is lame. I hated my first OB when Iw as pregnant with Kingston and switched. That is weird they wont let you. I would call a bunch of places and just be like,"okay i'll just not have a dr. then." Someone will take you then. I hate it when people can't do their jobs and it doesn't help you are pregnant and hormonal. I would freak my freak. I hope you get it taken care of. I hate threatening people but that is what you need to do. xoxo

  5. ugh!  frustration!  i'm sorry they suck so much for shouldn't be like that.  i can't believe that they wouldn't communicate with you better and have more concern for you and your babies health.  sounds just awful.  sorry pal :(   baby will be here soon and then dump them.  ps. i like that you named this post 'murder' - i threaten murder all the time, haha.

  6. Milk and Honey NatuarlsJuly 20, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    I had to stop by your blog and tell you how much I love reading - I've been catching up on old posts.  Love the layout, love the photos!