Wednesday, May 11, 2011

22 wks baby!

AH! 22 weeks. Sorry for my unshowered, morning undies picture. I wasn't in the mood to get all pretty today (not yet at least). I get killer bed head now. haha.

I think I got this pregnant thing down now. haha. Like, I got this.
Baby Q has been moving at inconvenient times now. Like right before bed, as I'm laying there trying to fall asleep. OR during if not right before *cough sex *cough. I haven't told Michael about that, cause he would get freaked out.

Some weird things I've noticed:

I can't eat big meals, has to be small frequent meals.
Bending forward, not fun.
Can't see to shave.
Have to sit leaning back more.
People in airports will not give up their seat if you are prego >:(

Did anyone else have nightmares about your future baby while pregnant? Its freaking me out. Makes me cry actually.


  1. oh the sex thing... all the time. and my belly would get super hard after.. ahem, the good part. it was weird. and nightmares; all the time. constantly. i had a dream i gave birth at like, 20 something weeks. to a girl. it was a bad dream. but it was from watching roseanne before bed (that happened to darlene)

    pregnancy is so awesomely weird. parenting is the same. better get used to it :)

    ps-i miss my baby belly.

  2. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaMay 11, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    Definitely had weird pregnancy/baby dreams while preggo. The people in the airport wouldn't give somebody their seat even if they were on fire! Ugh. I like Reneekristine's comment: Pregnancy is so awesomely weird. Very well put!

  3. One time I had a dream I had an alien baby. And another time I had a baby with a full set of teeth. And ANOTHER time my baby could walk and talk from the time it was born. Those dreams might not sound too scary but somehow they really were!!

    I am SO excited for you though. I don't think I shaved my legs for the last two months and finally did right before I was gonna have the baby cause I didn't want to go into labor with the hairiest legs EVER! Can you still put socks on? You look beautiful, by the way!

  4. (I'm so jealous of your bed head hair. Mine doesn't look even close to that cool---makes me want short hair)

  5. Love my sexy prego would be kinda cool to have an alien baby. haha as long as it's cute

  6. YES! I had horrid nightmares when I was pregnant, NOT fun:( P.S Love your haircut:)

  7. No actually. It wouldn't be cool Michael!

  8. Thanks! I love how quick showers are now.

  9. haha crazy. Last night in my dream, we named Quentin (the baby) Gizmo...weird. And thanks. I'll just make Michael shave my legs later hahahaha

  10.  I once dreamed that my baby came and it was a kitten and I was sooo disappointed. I was like its cute but I wanted a baby! I think I may have woke up crying. 

    ps screw mean people who dont give up their seats whats that all about 

  11. Reef always moves before my husband and i..well..ya know lol i never say anything either because i'm sure it would completely freak him out too. And no worries, I've been assured by numerous hotmama friends that the nightmares are completely normal...also the weird dreams too...I dreamed i gave birth to a puppy...a freaking puppy...weirded me out so bad i stayed awake and read the rest of the night lol. you are looking suuuper cute!!!!