Thursday, May 5, 2011


So, its been a long day already. I got up at 4:00 am and decided it was too early to shower and get ready. Our plane was boarded and ready to go at 6:45 am. BUT we couldnt leave yet, because SOMEONE SMUGGLED A DOG onto the plane!

After the plane was searched, we got the "o.k" to head to Orlando, FL.


But. I. was. so. sick. on the plane. As soon as we lifted off, I felt like I was 8 weeks pregnant again. Ugh. Horrible. Spent the whole flight with my eyes closed and praying that I won't puke.

When we got our Rent-a-car, we headed to the courthouse to get the marriage license. YAY!
Now we are just chilling in our AWESOME resort hotel. (Which has a huge pool, with a PIZZA HUT next to it!?!?!?! can you say awesome?) Waiting til 8:30 tonight to say the "I do's"

So, I'm looking pretty rough right now. My hair is insane, we are tired. About to take a nap and then get myself all beautified for this wedding!

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  1. Aww congrats! Enjoy your day together :)

  2. im the sappiest sap and this totally almost made me tear up! im so excited for you guys!! have the best day together! CAN NOT WAIT to see pics!! :)

  3. This is gonna be one of the best days of your life!!! I wish I could relive my wedding day. Take in every minute. That sucks about flying. I HATE flying. The way you described it I felt that way flying not pregnant.

  4. Have fun! Thinking of you.

  5. so exciting! early congrats to you both!! i'll congratulate you again later! have a super awesome time!!!

  6. How fun! Wishing you all the best!

  7. Guess I can say congrats now?! xx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! You look gorgeous in your twitter pictures! Sorry you felt like shit on the plane, that sucks hardcore! I hope married life is treating you well. Welcome to the club! ;)