Monday, June 6, 2011

New home/hello again

Hello again people.
Sorry about the length of time between blog updates. I've been busy/had no internet.
Going without internet wasn't fun. We are still getting our house situated. Its going slow cause I've been lazy. Plus we went away for the weekend cause of Michael's bday Sunday.

Here are some dinky mobile pictures for you.

Michael building my breakfast nook :)
Our HUGE kitchen. With our HUGE refrigerator
My Rhino salt and pepper shakers.

And this is for Ms. Marthaamay.

My Mimosa tree in front of my house. I was right! When we came back after our weekend trip, it started to bloom. So pretty. It has fluffy pink and white flowers.


  1. Bevin @ allisbright.comJune 6, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    I am pretty jealous of that breakfast nook. =D

  2. Oh my goodness!  Tree pictures just for meee!? How lovely!! :)  Your tree has interesting leaves, almost like a tree fern, I like it a lot.  The flowers are similar to Dandelions and they look to have clean and an long stalks which are my favourite!  Your front garden is like a tropical land!!! :)  Your post will be sent on Wed, I'm so sorry I have just not been able to get to the postoffice, but Wednesday it's open all day and I am off work!! Wooo! xx

  3. congrats on your new house! i'm very jealous of your breakfast nook! i've always wanted one but my house doesn't allow the house though for sure!!

  4. Take your time! And mimosa trees do have that dandelion kinda flower. Did you know you can make mimosa wine!?!? So I'll be sipping on some mimosa wine while eating some fresh blackberry jam and toast soon! haha

  5. YOU HAVE A BREAKFAST NOOK??? I'm so jealous.  My friends got a booth from a Denny's that was closing.  It was pretty much the coolest ever.  Yours looks way more refined. 
    Welcome back!

  6. What a lovely tree. They are my favorite. My grandma had a huge one on her farm and I spent many days on a huge rock under that tree. Thanks for posting this and reminding me of the name. Hope to plant one on a farm myself one day. :)