Wednesday, August 24, 2011

37 wks Aint no fun

I'm tired. I'm ready to get him OUT.
I feel like someone has been punching my lady parts.
Oh wait, someone has been, Quentin.

37 weeks.

This is me today.

I found out last night, that when my in-laws (WHICH I TOTALLY LOVE) come to see Quentin, they will be staying at our house. Michael just told me. . .

Thats cool, but . . . now I have to super clean my ass off.

We have a 5 bedroom house, so space is not an issue. What was the issue, was the back bedrooms have been closed off and filled with boxes of books, junk, music equipment, etc.

So I had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do today. And that progressed into a whole "scrub down" of the house.

Scrubbing a bathtub with a watermelon-sized belly is very hard!

I'm feeling very accomplished today, even made dinner!
Lamb with mashed potatoes and onion green beans.


We survived the earthquake yesterday. Now bring on the hurricane!


  1. I totally remember how miserable I felt at 37 weeks! I got ALL my stretch marks at 37 weeks, just woke up covered in them because she dropped. Ugh. She was delivered at 38 weeks via c-sec. I couldn't have been happier! Hopefully Q comes soon!!!

  2. That dinner sounds reallllllllllllly good.  Btw your eye makeup is really pretty as well.  Good luck with that baby.  Cheers!

  3. You should do some make-up tutorials! You look so purty. 

  4. you're SO totally nesting. you're having that baby soooooooon.

  5. You may be tired, but you sure look beautiful! Wowza on the shocker of having house guests. Hope it's all ready in time. Just do what you can handle and let the rest of the mess stay. 

  6. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaAugust 24, 2011 at 10:02 PM

    You look awesome!  You're in that nesting phase...I went through that about a day before I had my first kid.  I hope Q comes soon for you. 

  7. Short of dirty underwear on the floor, I kinda think they won't care.  

    All joking aside, please think through all possibilities for an early arrival during a hurricane.  I think you guys are further south and it won't be as bad there but honestly, action is the highest form of believing.  If you are prepared for any and every eventuality then whatever comes your way is no big deal.  Better to have a plan and not need it than have no plan at all and be skunked.  

    Love you.

  8. i remember hearing an old wives tale when i was pregnant that if you got on your hands and knees and scrubbed your bathtub, it would bring on the babe... ;) but no, really, i heard that. people are bananas. i can't believe you're full term. weeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Yaaaaayyy for great inlaws coming to visit and stay with you in your house !! I bet that will be nice (obviously considering that you actually ENJOY their company)!   I bet it definitely WAS quite a feat. cleaning the freakin' tub at 37 weeks !  I'm only 31 weeks and it's a challenge ! And woot woot for being full term !!!!

    Oh, you have the most lovely lips :)

  10. You look awesome chica!!!! and oh, forget the's family and your preggo and about to pop...although, I went nuts right before reef and once I popped him out my house is well a wreck...even though I have family helping....i've learned to let go..terrribly hard but true :)