Monday, August 8, 2011

Surprise Baby shower in MD

We went up to Maryland this weekend for my "surprise" baby shower... My husband tried his best to keep it secret, but HELLO? I am a woman, so I know everything. haha

It was really sweet. Unfortunately, these are all the photos Michael took. (food and me, his two great loves) So until my Aunt and Mom upload pictures, this is what I have to show you.

The food was awesome. My Aunt is an amazing cook, it felt good to just, EAT some home cooked meals instead of the frozen pizza I have been living off of.

She made:
Pancetta wrapped asparagus
Balsamic vinaigrette marinated beef on a stick with (EW) mushroom
And a bunch of finger foods like mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, watermelon with fresh mint, seafood salad.

Basically, it was very yummy.

They gave out chocolate cigars (both real and eatable) to the guys. And the women got votive candles of my favorite scent "Soft Blanket" by Yankee Candle.

Truthfully, I just enjoyed being back home in Maryland for the weekend. AND THE BEST PART is that my Aunt told me she is going to come down when we have baby Q and fill up our freezer with her cooking!


  1. That's AWESOME! The shower, but also the freezer of home cooking post-baby. What an incredible aunt.

  2. What a treat! That sounds like a lot of (delicious) fun.  Watermelon and mint? I've never heard of such a combination and I can't imagine why not as it sounds like a divine mix.

  3. P.S. Now I'm curious, since you're a woman with this extra-surprise sense (which I can lack).... Did you see your husband's proposal coming also? Or was that a surprise?