Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Photo Challenge

This January Photo Challenge that is surfing around is actually fun (for me.)

Join up. Its a cool excuse to take pictures.

January 1: You
January 2: Breakfast (didn't photo it)
January 3: Something you adore> My son growing and discovering
January 4: Letterbox

January 5: Something you wore> Yesterday's pajamas and makeup
January 6: Makes you smile> Quentin laying in our bed with his sock monkey
January 7: Favorite> My favorite tattoo. I drew in for my dad who died 2 years ago this 11th. He had a lion tatto on his arm, his favorite flowers were Birds of Paradise and the hops cause he used to brew.
January 8: Your sky> My sky out my backyard in VA.

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you could post your photos on your blog.


  1. i love the one of quentin in your bed. seriously. so cute. i wish natalie would just stay put like that now-a-days.

  2. Omg Quentin in your bed is flipping adorable!

  3. yourtattoo is seriously amazeballs.

  4. Your dads tattoo that you drew for him is amazing! You should connect with Paige in Va Beach (her husband works for a tattoo place) maybe you can draw some out for people? 

    And Quentin is adorable!!!! Holy cute his cheeks!!! and he looks like a baby doll in the bed :-)