Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh Saturday!

Damn. I have a cute son! In the mornings, I've been bundling him up in Wyatt's old bear suit and we go outside for some fresh air. Really, I need to get Pepper's (our 10 wk old puppy) energy out. So Quentin just sits and watches his mommy run around outside like an idiot. Good thing we have a 6 ft fence!

On another note: I CAN'T DIET!

I don't know whats up?!?! I want to be skinny, I just really don't feel like eating healthy. Whats wrong with me! Ugh. I just want to eat pizza, drink sugary coffee and sit on my couch all day.

I need motivation!

Also, I'm really bummed that since I changed my blog name, and disqus that I don't have comments anymore or show up in other blogger's news feed. Bummer.


  1. all i want to eat is pizza, mcdonalds, taco bell, soda, ice cream and candy too.  maybe if you just are really strict and just eat small portions of these bad foods then i bet you could still lose weight.  BUT IT IS SUPER HARD CONTROLLING HOW MUCH YOU EAT WHEN ITS SO GOOD.  

    i'm your classic yo yo dieter and i know far too much about losing weight and eating unhealthy and gaining it all back just because i can't control my portions.  i want to be skinny super freaken bad too pal.  it sucks.

    oh and i hate working out more than anything!  we need a miracle.  haha

  2. I'm so stressed I cannot diet.  I WANT to eat clean, I WANT to start and finish a juice fast, I WANT to try eating paleo...I just can't do it.  I keep reaching for that ice cream and driving through McDonald's.  It's so hard.  I definitely didn't realize how much of an emotional eater I was till I spent a year being more stressed than I ever have been!  

  3. I lost 60lbs a few years back on the Cambridge Diet but as soon as I stopped I put it all back on plus 40 more :( But I'm doing it slowly now by just trying to count my cals and do a little bit of exercise. You can find a calorie counter online for free or there are apps. I think this way is easier and I'm hoping it's more realistic and that I learn better eating patterns. I feel your pain though. I've had several false starts xxxx

  4. Hello lovely Sam!
    Happy New Year to you all, you are looking beautiful and your hair is dream hair.  Hello Baby Q, you are a handsome one- he has a lovely smile! I have been blognoring but now I'm paying more attention again! Yay, also, since my phone got nicked and I deleted my instagram I feel so less in touch with you!  -woah, just saw Stephen Hawkings on the news floating around like he was in space, he looked happy.  I want to do that!-Glad you had a super duper party time on NYE!  I went to a wedding, that was super duper best new year ever too!I don't have any tips on your diet, apart from just be happy, then you'll probably find yourself on a treadmill or something without realising!  Much loveeeee x

  5. You're right, you do have a cute son! I know it's so weird, it shows that I follow your blog but it your posts never show up on my reader so I often miss posts. :( Strange. 

  6. I am glad to have found you again! I want to change my blog name so much, but worry about getting lost again in the internet. Have you kind of "announced" the change on twitter and such so people can find you again? 

    I am pretty much like you on any "dieting". I don't do it anymore. Just eat as healthy as I can, eat really non-nutritious things at other times, and try to be active even if it is just walking the dogs. I wish I had more advice,but I honestly think sometimes you just have to do what you can and working on loving things as is before anything can really happen anyway, but I may be in a very different boat with emotional eating stuff mixed in, obviously it could be very different for you or others. Maybe use getting Pepper exercised and fresh air for Q as motivation for a long walk each day, or just a short one to start? I'm sure the cooler weather might make this tricky, but when you can? Good luck with whatever you try. <3


  7. I agree, you have a super cute baby boy!

  8. Holy flipping cuteness!

    Dude, im 5 months post partym and am FINALLY dieting. Don't beat yourself up!

  9. What an adorable baby!!! Sooooo cute! Almost makes me want another. 

  10. You crave for those food because maybe you are burnt out from all day baby job. Mind over matter. Set up a meal plan that willl be both healthier and satisfying for you and stick to it. Also exercise is not a bad thing. Keep smiling :)